Briefly in English

Finnish Association of Energy Economists (FAEE) strives to promote deeper understanding and encourage discussion around the topics in Energy Economics. The association was founded in October 19th, 1987. Informal meetings to discuss topics in Energy Economics started about four years earlier. The official registration served the purpose of establishing a Finnish affiliate of the International Association for Energy Economics.

Members of the FAEE have in common the interest in energy economics. They come from various back rounds representing academia, government, energy industry and business. The association has its roots in preceding meetings that began around 1983, the official establishment of the Society occurred .

The association works towards its stated purpose – the promotion of deeper understanding of energy economics – by assembling and distributing information, arranging seminars and panel discussions and by maintaining close ties to the International Association for Energy Economics, IAEE, please see

The association has around 70 individual members and one organizational member Fingrid Oyj.

Any Individual who has an interest and is knowledgeable in the field of Energy Economics can join the association. An organization can join as supporting member. More information on our membership fees on jäsenyys page.

To become a member or for more information, please, send an email to